Success at the Spartan Stampede

Crowds lined up for Northfork’s baby bunnies and mini pigs last weekend at the Spartan Stampede Rodeo.

Visitors who came to the Northfork vendor booth had the chance to hold and pet the baby animals. Many visitors experienced the joy of interacting with baby bunnies and pigs for the first time.


Penelope, Northfork’s mini/potbelly pig cross, captured the attention and hearts of many rodeo attendees.

The baby bunnies were also a crowd favorite. Kids and adults of all ages enjoyed the chance to hold the soft, cuddly creatures.


One of Northfork’s bunnies nuzzling into a Rodeo visitor’s neck. If you have a picture with a bunny from this weekend, post it to our facebook page or tag us as NorthFork Outback.

Northfork staff congratulate the MSU Rodeo Club for an excellent weekend. Read more about Spartan Stampede 2016 and one of the MSU Rodeo Team Members here.

Northfork’s Horse Club, NYHA, gathered to watch the 2pm performance on Saturday.


Northfork NYHA members, staff, and family watching the 2pm Saturday performance.

The farm’s team will return to the MSU Pavilion for the Michigan Horse Expo, March 11th-13. Expo visitors can meet and interact with Northfork’s Petting Zoo at the farm’s booth. 

Visit Northfork’s baby animals at the Metro Parent Camp Expo on Sunday, March 6th.


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