Petting Zoo Draws a Crowd

Above: Shoppers taking a break with Northfork’s Petting Zoo


East Lansing, MI

It’s 9am and the MSU Pavilion is buzzing with people as they setup their booths for the Michigan Quarter Horse Association’s Annual Tack Sale. No sales begin until 10am, yet lots of chatter can be heard as customers browse for the hottest deals.

On the far side of the tack booths, a different type of chatter can be heard as members of the Northfork staff setup their petting zoo.

Squeals from baby potbelly pigs compete with mother goats bleating to each other.

Shuffles through wood shavings resound as baby bunnies and guinea pigs huddle together in their respective boxes.

Northfork’s donkey brays as their pony, Indy, walks into the stall next door.


Father and Son Enjoying Petting a Baby Bunny


The most unique animals make no sound at all! The farm’s prairie dog nests inside his cage while the zoo’s blonde skunk, Jimmy, takes a nap in his pen.

The noises shift, however, when the Tack Sale begins and foot traffic starts to accumulate around the Northfork Petting Zoo. The noises of the animals are muffled by the adoring gasps of Tack Sale customers as they admire the animals, particularly the babies.

The pot belly pigs are an especially big hit with the ladies. Mothers and their daughters wait their turn to hold the little pigs, who love to snuggle into their warm chests.

DSC_0193 (2)

The Potbelly Pigs Captured the Hearts of Many Petting Zoo Visitors

Some people loved the pigs so much that they bought them on the spot!

Northfork is exited for these pigs to settle into their new homes.

Come meet our baby pigs and bunnies next weekend at the Spartan Stampede Rodeo!

Book the Petting Zoo as part of your next event at Northfork! Learn more on the “group outings” page of our website. 

Contact Farm Owner, Christie Showerman, for more details. or 517.881.9412

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