New Horse Club Gallops into Full Stride!

Webberville, MI


The Northfork Youth Horsemen’s Association (NYHA) hosted its’ first meeting on Friday, February 5th, at Northfork Farms in Webberville, MI. 

Members consisted of horse-loving girls with a desire to have fun learning about horses while connecting with other horse lovers. Only one of the members was a horse owner.

NYHA members gained an inside look into horse psychology, learning about how a horse thinks and communicates.1st meeting

Photo Above: Northfork’s Pony, Indy, was the star of the show!

Using free lounging and simulation games, members learned the importance of acting as a leader when handling horses.

Members got the chance to learn to free-lounge and are looking forward to practicing lounging before their club riding times throughout the month.

Next month they look forward to learning about horse habitats, including what a horse eats and the makings of a proper home for horses.


Photo Above: Members also received a welcome gift bag with a Breyer horse.

New members can join at the next general meeting on March 4th at Northfork Farms in Webberville.

Neither horse ownership nor access to horses is required to join NYHA!

For more information, contact NYHA leader, Kara Grupe, at




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