MSU Equestrian Head Coach Joins Northfork’s Team

Webberville, MI

2/3/2016Leesa Massman Article

Northfork Farms & Outback is proud to announce the addition of MSU’s Stock Seat Equestrian Team’s Head Coach, Leesa Massman, to their team of summer program instructors.

Northfork’s head trainer and farm owner, Christie Showerman, currently works with Leesa as the equestrian team’s assistant coach.

Together, the two horsewomen make an exceptional team with a successful record of coaching hundreds of riders with all levels of experience, spanning from beginners to world champions.

This summer, Northfork’s Summer Horse Camps will jump to the next level. The farm will offer longer traditional camp sessions as well as several camps focused on showing and competition.

Leesa’s extensive coaching background includes over a decade of running horse camps for the YMCA, as well as many years of training riders for competition. She was the perfect fit for Northfork’s team of summer program instructors.

Leesa’s connection to Michigan State’s Equine Program extends beyond coaching the Equestrian Team.

Leesa is an alumni of MSU’s Animal Science Program and the recipient of an Honorary Degree in Horse Management from MSU. She has instructed multiple college courses, including “Instructing Safe Horsemanship,” horsemanship, and farrier science.

For a more detailed look at Leesa’s qualifications, see her profile on the My Horse University Experts website.

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